Isolation of biofilm bacteria and investigation of their adhesion behavior on biomaterial surfaces. İYTE-BAP 012003. (Proje Yöneticisi: Prof. Dr. Şebnem Harsa)

Preparation and characterization of hydroxyapatite-polymer composites. İYTE BAP 36 – 2003 (Proje Yöneticisi: Prof. Dr. Şebnem Harsa)

Separation of whey constituents using ceramic membranes. İYTE BAP 35 – 2003. (Proje Yöneticisi: Prof. Dr. Şebnem Harsa)

Characterization and modification of antioxidant proteins from plant materials” Funded by the Research Foundation of Izmir Institute of Technology.  Project  # 2004 İYTE 05. (Proje Yöneticisi: Prof. Dr. Ahmet YEMENİCİOĞLU)

Production of functional packaging materials by use of biopreservatives” Funded by the The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey. Project  # MİSAG 221. (Proje Yöneticisi: Prof. Dr. Ahmet YEMENİCİOĞLU)