Effect of the morphology of Aspergillus sojae on the pectinase production and optimization of the fermentation conditions. IYTE 04 – 2004. completed in 2006. (Proje Yöneticisi: Doç. Dr. Canan Tarı) 

UV Disinfection of liquid egg products TÜBİTAK NO:104O210 – 2005. (Proje Yöneticisi: Yrd. Doç. Sevcan Ünlütürk) 

Classification of Turkish Olive Oils from Olive Varieties of Economic Importance and Determination of Adulteration in Olive Oils. TUBİTAK-TOVAG104O333 – 2005. (Proje Yöneticisi: Doç. Dr. Figen Tokatlı)

Microbiological quality control of UV light treated liquid egg products. IYTE 38 – 2005 completed in 2007. (Proje Yöneticisi: Yrd. Doç. Sevcan Ünlütürk)  

 Determination of antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of some plants grown in Turkey. IYTE 41 – 2005. (Proje Yöneticisi: Doç. Dr. Banu Özen)

 Classification of Turkish olive Oils from different Geographical regions according to their Phenolic profiles. IYTE 49 – 2005. (Proje Yöneticisi: Doç. Dr. Figen Tokatlı)  

 Development of antimicrobial edible films and application of these films to plastic packaging materials. İYTE 40 – 2005. (Proje Yöneticisi: Doç. Dr. Figen Korel)

Application of antimicrobial edible films to foods. İYTE 36 – 2006. (Proje Yöneticisi: Doç. Dr. Figen Korel)

 Effects of ohmic heating on Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris in various fruit juices and concentrates. TÜBİTAK 106 O 240 – 2006. (2007 Proje Yöneticisi: Dr. A.Handan BAYSAL, Specialist)