Development of bioactive preservation systems using natural antimicrobials. TÜBİTAK. TOVAG-104O543 – 2005-2009. (Proje YöneticisiDoç. Dr. Banu Özen) 

Production, purification and immobilization of lactase enzymes from dairy products. TÜBİTAK-TOVAG 104 O 270, AB-COST- 2005-2009. (Proje Yöneticisi: Prof. Dr. Şebnem Harsa) 

 Characterization of antioxidant activity and technological functionality in some legume cultivars grown in Turkey. İYTE. 2007-2009. (Proje Yöneticisi: Prof. Dr. Ahmet Yemenicioğlu) 

Discrimination of Turkish Wines based on their Mineral Content. IYTE .  2008-2009. (Proje Yöneticisi: Doç. Dr. Figen Tokatlı) 

UV disinfection of some fruit juices. İYTE 19 – 2007-2009. (Proje YöneticisiYrd. Doç. Sevcan Ünlütürk) 

Determination of quality characteristics of traditional ‘sepet’ cheeses. İYTE 17 – 2008. (Proje Yöneticisi: Doç. Dr. Figen Korel) 

 Development of functional edible films incorporating grape seed extract and application of these films to various foods. TUBİTAK 2008-2009. (Proje Yöneticisi: Doç. Dr.  Figen Korel)