Öğr. Gör. İlknur Şen

Ilknur Sen, PhD

Food Engineer


2014, 3 months, Researcher, FEMSA Tecnológico de Monterrey, Biotechnology Department, Monterrey Mexico

Project: Bioprocess Platform for the Aspergillus sojae Pgzyme Systems with the acronym PGSYS (PIRSES-­‐ GA-­‐2010-­‐269211), under the Seventh Framework Programme, Marie Curie Actions

2008-2014, PhD, Izmir Institute of Technology, Department of Food Engineering

Thesis Subject: Characterization and Classification of Wines from Grape Varieties Grown in Turkey

2000-2003 Master of Science, Izmir Institute of Technology, Department of Food Engineering

Thesis Subject: Spectroscopic Determination of Major Nutrients (N, P, K) of Soil

1995-1999 Bachelor of Science, Ege University, Department of Food Engineering

Thesis Subject: Flavoring Methods of Edremit Olives


2007-Cont., Research Staff, Specialist

Izmir Institute of Technology Department of Food Engineering, Izmir Turkey

Specialty in chromatographic analyses of foods (HPLC-DAD-FLD- RID, GC-FID)

2006-2007, Food Additives and Residue Analysis Lab. Supervisor

EgeChelab Food and Industrial Analysis Laboratories, Izmir Turkey

Responsible for the execution of residue (pesticides, toxins, PAH), mineral and additive (preservatives, vitamins) analyses of various food products

Implementation of ISO 17025 standard

Specialty in instrumental analyses using HPLC-UV-FLD-RID, GC-FID-MS, ICP-MS

2005-2006, Milk Based Dessert and Ice Cream Production Engineer

Özsütden Food Inc., Izmir Turkey

Responsible from the daily production of milk based desserts and ice-cream

2004-2005, Process Quality Assurance Engineer

Fora Olives, AntFood Inc., Edremit Turkey

Implementation of ISO 9001 and HACCP rules within the process

Approval of final product through audition of process line and chemical, physical and microbiological analyses

2000-2003, Research Assistant

Izmir Institute of Technology Department of Food Engineering, İzmir


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