Candidates who will apply to study in graduate programs;

  • To graduate from a higher education program that gives undergraduate (at least 4 years) education or to be at the graduation stage of the semester they apply
  • ALES Numerical Scores which are not more than 3 years old must have a minimum minimum of 650 (151) GR minimum scores, not less than 60 or 2 years old.

In our institute, the language of instruction is fully English and students with inadequate level of English are admitted to the Prep Class. Candidates admitted to the program are exempted from the Foreign Language if they satisfy one of the following conditions:

English Exemption Terms:

  • Those who have completed their secondary education in the last 3 years in a country where English is spoken as a native language and in the educational institutions of that country.
  • In order to determine the minimum level of foreign language required for foreigners to have higher education in the countries where English is spoken as a native language (TOEFL: tespit Test of English as a Foreign Language aranan) 84 (IBT) or 221 (CBT) or 561 (PBT) or IELTS at least 5). One of the foreign language examinations such as KPDS and ÜDS by the Student Selection and Placement Center, which is determined by the university senate on a full score of one hundred (not more than 3 years; KPDS or at least 70 from ÜDS).
  • Those who succeed in IZTECH English Exemption Exam.

Applications to the Master’s program are made by the Izmir Institute of Technology, Institute of Engineering and Science. Candidates must submit the required documents for the application within the specified time. Candidate registration issues are announced by Izmir Institute of Technology before the start date of each semester.

Master’s program; Students are accepted by evaluating the ALES score, undergraduate achievement level, interview and the information and documents required by the Institute Department. In this evaluation, it is determined by the Senate how much weight the ALES score will be evaluated if not less than 50% of the student’s total score. Presidency of the Institute of Science and Technology sends to the Graduate School of Engineering and Natural Sciences. The Institute of Engineering and Sciences accepts students from programs with the approval of the Board of Directors. The results are announced by the Institute of Engineering and Science.

Exchange students are accepted within the framework of bilateral agreements (Erasmus).

Candidates who want to take graduate courses as a special student are required to have at least a bachelor’s degree. Applications of the candidates are evaluated by the Institute Department and the results of the evaluation are announced on the website after the Board of Directors’ decision. Since the language of instruction is English in all programs, students must follow one of the following exemption criteria in order to be enrolled in these courses.

English Exemption Terms:


To be a graduate of IYTE or to come from institutions with full English in undergraduate / graduate level.

Not more than 3 years old (at least 55 from KPDS, at least 55 from UDS) or international (at least 66 (IBT) from TOEFL or 184 (CBT) or 514 (PBT), IELTS at least 3.50) a standard score in a standard English exam must be taken.