22-23 Spring Term Teams Codes

Course Codes Course Names Teams Codes
FE104 Fundamentals of Nutrition 7v3643t
FE204 Numerical Methods in Engineering 2srm885
FE210 Introduction to Statistics for Engineers pm5psvg
FE302 Mass Transfer 2jvfks3
FE303 Thermodynamics ccnn314
FE304 Food Engineering Unit Operations 2iy4t7m
FE310 Food Technology 2eal9fq
FE311 Principles of Food Packaging zkxc24t
FE322 Unit Operations Laboratory 6n2atyk
FE324 Nutritional Biochemistry qqru6y8
FE402 Nutrition in Health and Diseases loaig0k
FE408 Production Engineering for Functional Foods he08zeh
FE418 Introduction to R Programming i2sskmo
FE420 Graduation Project 7b0xydu
FE424 Sustainable Food Processing 5866x5r
FE499 Cooperative Education Course nwyz7bo
FE511 Advanced Food Chemistry tuf6yji
FE580 Special Topics in Food Engineering d8b4nac