2023-2024 Spring Term Teams Codes

Course Codes Course Names Teams Codes
FE201 Material and Energy Balances 2zfa1vk
FE204 Numerical Methods in Engineering 3b736rr
ECON205/106 Principles of Economics o58o72j
FE210 Introduction to Statistics 5s4fqy0
FE302 Mass Transfer ujymu6s
FE304 Food Engineering Unit Operations f60bwfr
FE310 Food Technology 6xl6uet
FE322 Unit Operations Laboratory
(Morning Session)
FE322 Unit Operations Laboratory
(Afternoon Session)
FE324 Nutritional Biochemistry u3ieeyi
FE408 Production Engineering for Functional Foods it74s98
FE424 Sustainable Food Processing gywj6xz